Pool Ball Hangers
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Your Pool Ball Hanger should give you years of elegant service with very little maintenance & care.
1) Storing in the velvet bag does two things. a) It protects it from dust and scuffing during storage or transportation b) It can be used to buff out fingerprints so it sparkles.
2) Do not hang items from it that exceed 20lbs. This is the strongest hanger of this style in the industry and was chosen to allow for hanging heavy cue cases from them. My cue case weighs 12.5lbs with my cues in it.
3) I have created this image to help illustrate adjusting the hanger for the current table.You want the base of the hanger that's on the table to be as close to the table edge as possible. When the tables edge is curved simply slide the pin, holding the hook, in or out of the base to adjust as you place it.

John Wages
Pool Ball Hangers
Care and use.
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