War Planet tips:


This will be a page dedicated to tips for War Planet game players. I haven't found a good resource for FAQ's or descriptions of game play or useful tips. For that reason I am creating this page. Feel free to send me tips and info to add or let me know if something needs corrected or updated.



1) How do I protect myself from being attacked by other players so much.

 The main reason other players attack you is that you are sitting on more resources than your vault can protect. There are several things you can do to prevent or reduce this.


>>Do not keep more resources in your vault than it can protect. To see how much your vault can protect, click on your vault then click info. Numbers on the left are how much resources you have. Numbers on the right are how much the vault can protect. Also, if you click more info at the bottom you will find a chart that tells you how much is protected at different levels. (Important upgrade!)


>> Upgrade your Global Intelligence Agency. This will reduce information provided to other players when scouted. Click on your Global Intelligence Agency then click the more info at the bottom to see these details. (Important upgrade!)


>> Send resources above your protection ability to a faction members bubble protected city. Yes the game will take 50% of it in taxes and you don't have it anymore. But at least half of it stays in your faction and the enemy does not get it and they will lose interest in you. Enemies bookmark targets they get lots of resources from. You don't want to make their list!


>> Last but not least. Put up a peace shield if you have one. But if you have done the previous steps there is no need for a peace shield as they will not bother attacking you most of them time. Even if they do it will not affect you much at all. Except the fires and they go out on their own so just grab some marshmallows and chill lol.