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Welcome to our Pocket Marker page.

We have a few different styles of pocket markers to choose from.

1) Half mini (1.5") resin ball markers with rubber bottoms.

2) 1.2" diameter glass domes with full magnetic bottom markers.

3) Personalized ball images with your name/text added.

Make sure to checkout the sets page to see if you can get a combination set with your favorite pocket marker.

Click sample images below to see larger image, then scroll down to order.

Pocket Markers are all $5.00

$3.00 Domestic shipping, with tracking, no matter how many items in your order. **


** Known issues with shipping charges. Shipping charges may exceed $3.00 due to technical difficulties. We are working hard to correct this. We will immediately refund any amount above $3.00 for shipping while we work through this problem. Thank you for your understanding.

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