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Welcome to our Case Hanger page.

If you are a member of a billiard league then you know the challenges of what do you do with your cue case.

Do you lay it under the pool table?

Do you lean it against the post under the high bar table with 3 or 4 others that fall throughout the night.

Do I lean them against the wall and take up valuable standing space as they get knocked over constantly?

Do you pile them on an unused pool table?

Use one of our high strength (20lb) Cue Case Hanger.

Hang your case under the high bar tables or the waste high shelf around the billiard hall.

Hangers are $10.00 with $3.00 shipping (including tracking) no matter how many you order. **


** Known issues with shipping charges. Shipping charges may exceed $3.00 due to technical difficulties. We are working hard to correct this. We will immediately refund any amount above $3.00 for shipping while we work through this problem. Thank you for your understanding.


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